Thinking - as The Art of Managing Reality
Date: 29/10 - 05/11
Place: Skolkovo, Moscow
School of Management
Metacognitive skills
for the Future
Practicum Subject - Autumn 2023
Ages: 14+
Practical training course within the framework of the group MetaGame to develop Future skills
The course is aimed at team interaction and game development of metacognitive knowledge and skills necessary for the activation and development of advanced thinking abilities, providing additional competitive advantages in the coming world of rapid change, high uncertainty, complexity and... limitless opportunities opening up for the Leaders of the future!
What will the participants of the autumn shift learn during the MetaGame?

Anticipatory and Adaptive thinking
Think quickly, multi variety and VOLUMELY using an expanded range of reserve thinking capabilities, natural flexibility and plasticity of your brain.

Situational management of your Attention
It is easy to change the focus and depth of attention, switching it from point to peripheral, from directed to scattered, from one topic to several parallel ones, using the skill of concentration and deconcentrations.

Conscious control of the flow of your life energy
Rest properly, relieve tension, blocks and clamps at all levels, quickly accumulate wasted resources, be holistic and balanced in conditions of uncertainty and chronic lack of data for making important decisions.

Course Overview
The world today is starting to change faster than we can think about it! Old Models of Thinking and their algorithms, which previously led to success, are now becoming ineffective or even dangerous and "toxic". Focusing on this, we realize that modern education simply must go beyond the traditional curriculum of school education. We understand that it is easy to get lost among the abundance and variety of available and often contradictory information, and therefore the priority for the student now comes not so much to the question of acquiring knowledge, but rather to acquire the necessary universal skills of effective thinking, special adaptive algorithms and strategies that will provide guarantees success throughout his life.

As part of the Course, shift participants will be able to explore and put into practice:
  • Alpha Mindset – Source of Creativity and Genius
    Together we explore and activate the hidden reserves of thinking, study the energy potential of a person and the optimal modes of brain functioning, ways to restore natural genius, turning various thinking models into a powerful tool for a creative career.
  • Algorithms of Anticipatory Thinking or Surfing the Wave of the Present
    Master methods of conscious transformation and overcoming limitations. Here you can: gain skills in adaptive and planetary thinking, learn to use Chaos as a source of discoveries, innovations, additional energy and new opportunities.
  • "Quantum Thinking of a Leader is the key to success in the New Reality"
    We will: Explore the features of Second Order Thinking - as a higher level of thinking, emphasizing the creative potential of Uncertainty and Superposition, and built on the achievements of quantum mechanics, chaos theory and the evolution of complex non-equilibrium systems.
  • Thinking as the Art of Managing Reality
    We learn to combine the skills of attentive presence, introspection, spatial imagination, visualization and natural intuition to build a holistic energyinformation Matrix of the Desired Reality and deploy it in the Future.

  • Review seminar "The future that has already arrived!"
    Game career guidance with strategic sections of new trends and the universal skills of future professions that arise in them. Familiarization with what is already becoming popular and relevant in the form of future directions and trends in human development.
  • Meta Game - Practical Integration
    Constructing the "Future" and identifying the Best Possible Options. Drawing up individual maps for further development.
What else do Meta Game participants acquire?
  • Global Worldview
    A global and integral view of our world. The interconnection of everything with everything becomes obvious. This greatly increases the motivation for learning. There is an incentive for an independent research style of learning.
  • Harmonious Development
    The values of a healthy lifestyle, responsibility and respect for the environment are learned.
  • Conscious choice of professional development
    During the game, participants can try themselves in the desired professions, go through the stages of formation and make a conclusion for themselves whether this is a business to which they can devote their lives. Discover other possibilities.
  • Forecasting and Planning Skills
    The ability to predict and plan becomes a skill that contributes to successful adaptation in a changing world.
  • CO-llaboration, CO-Creativity and Leadership
    Effective group communication, coherent teamwork and situational leadership.
  • Confidence in the Future
    Knowledge and Skills for managing the future certainly inspire confidence even in an unpredictable tomorrow. They give you the opportunity not to adapt, but to shape your own Future.
  • Determination
    Participants become more determined to achieve a sustainable and successful Future.
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"Thinking as The Art of Managing Reality"

Autumn - 2023
from 29th October to 5th of November
180 000 rub
Practicum Mentor
Resercher of the reserve capability of human Consciousness
Juri Aistov
Traveler, public figure. Founder of the school of Practical Mindfulness. Lecturer at the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management on topics: organisational design, evolutionary models of decentralised and unstructured management.

Author of practical courses "Quantum Thinking of a Leader", "Algorithms of Anticipatory Thinking", "Game as a New Form of Life", "The Art of Planning Genius", "The Way of the Warrior - Overcoming Personal Limitations", "AGILE 2.0 - Distributed Trust Environment", "Immunity 2.0 - the basis of future Vitality."

Specialist in Japanese culture and old schools of martial arts. Fourth dan holder of Iai-jutsu school Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Seito Seiden.
The program of the course - Metacognition will not "stuff" adolescents with unnecessary knowledge from the curriculum, but will develop in them important skills in recognising their strengths and weaknesses, self-control, self-regulation, self-esteem and self-analysis, which will help them become more confident, successful and ready to solve emerging problems in the future world.
And also in the camp there are many opportunities to spend your free time fun and usefully
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Experience Shared by Our Camp Participants
It's heartwarming to hear that our campers are getting exactly what they came for—answers to their questions and a fulfilling experience at our camp.
Eva Mikhailuk and Sofa Kurileva
Sofia and Eva came to FederationCamps to make informed decisions about their professional futures. Not only did they find answers to their questions and gain knowledge from experts, but they also made new friends and like-minded peers.
Ildus Ahmetjazanov, Sergey Meshkov, Zlata Bistrova
The campers noted that the camp's programs broaden their horizons, provide new knowledge and skills from leading professors and educators from the country's top universities, such as HSE, MSU, MGIMO, RANEPA, and more. They also enjoyed the camp's infrastructure, the opportunities for various sports activities, as well as visits to Moscow's amusement parks, museums, and exhibitions
Training and accommodation takes place on the territory of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo"
  • Accomodation
    2-bed Standard category room - INCULDED
  • Meals
    3 meals a day - INCLUDED
Hotel «Pamir» 4*
Accommodation in a 2-bed Standard category apartment (two beds) with a picturesque view of the forest, natural landscape or neighbouring buildings of the SKOLKOVO Campus.

Room amenities: Air conditioning/split system, TV, Free Wi-Fi, Safe, Ironing facilities, Minibar, Toiletries, Hairdryer, Sofa, Bathroom, Kettle, Telephone, Wardrobe, Table, Chair/Chairs, Mirror, Dishes , Bedside table, Bottled drinking water, Wardrobe

Breakfast in the Forum restaurant
Lunch and dinner in Delimarche