Autumn Practicum
c 29.10.2023 по 05.11.2023
for children aged 8 to 18

Price: 160 000 rub.
Moscow School of Managemet "Skolkovo"

  • Juri Kabaladze
    Professor МГИМО
    Intelligence General, Master of Communications, Public Speaking and Social Networking
  • Julia Romashina
    Asscociate Professor MGIMO
    Stage speech teacher at the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute, Institute of Contemporary Art, Author of the course "Speak so that I can see you."
Mastering Public Speaking and Successful Social Communication
How to Prepare a Clear and Captivating Presentation and Keep the Audience Engaged?
This is a comprehensive practicum aimed at developing knowledge, skills, attitudes, personal values, and behavioral norms in participants to cultivate fundamental qualities of an orator - a master of public speaking.
A speaker is a person who speaks in front of an audience and has developed the ability to persuade, acting and eloquence.
The skill of a speaker lies in the fact that he:
  • Possesses the skills of competent and logical speech construction, speech technique and rhetoric
  • Knows the laws of stage speech, controls gestures and facial expressions
  • Beautifully and clearly conveys his thoughts to the public
  • Knows the psychological mechanisms of influencing the audience
  • He is well versed in the topic he is talking about
  • Feels the response of the audience and knows how to improvise
What does The Art of oratory mean?
It is the skill of igniting people with words. The word in the mouth of a skilled orator has great power; it can captivate and lead people. Behind every successful orator, there is extensive work on the sound of their voice, the clarity and correctness of their language, acting skills, and personal development
What does successful social communication mean?
It is the ability to communicate effectively with other people, understand their feelings and ideas, and express your thoughts and feelings in a way that is clearly understood and accepted by others
The Goals of the Practicum
  • Learn to win over your audience
    Developing skills and the ability to win over an audience is the most important skill for a person striving for success in various areas of life.
  • Improvisation
    Learn to improvise, control your body and voice, and become self-confident.
  • Rhetoric
    Developing the skills and ability to speak effectively and impress the public is a necessary quality of a leader, to expresses the thoughts clearly, listen and hear opponents, to be able to convince skeptics and come to an agreement with opponents.
  • Creativity and career
    Give your teenager a creative idea and career plan.
  • Performances
    Develop the ability to independently create speeches of any format, as well as confidently speak in front of an audience.
  • Choice of profession
    The workshop helps in choosing professional competencies, and also promotes the cognitive and creative development of adolescents
Who will benefit from this practicum?
Ages 8 - 12
The program will help children develop a positive attitude, increase self-confidence and improve self-esteem. This can have a long-term positive effect on their overall confidence and self-acceptance
Ages 13 - 18
Provides teens with valuable tools and skills that can be useful throughout their lives. This is an excellent opportunity for self-development, unleashing your creative potential and confidently speaking in front of an audience.
Morozova Daria
Participant of our camp
FederationCamp gave me a unique opportunity to attend a linguistic business camp in Sochi.
To be honest, I had doubts, but I decided that I should participate, at least for the experience and for myself. My teacher supported me.
At first, I received the long-awaited email that there were still spots available at the camp.
I was overjoyed. It was a shock! Joyful shouts! "Mom, I'm going to camp."
If someone had told me earlier that I would be able to make friends at camp, I would have never believed it. However, everything is possible in life. We were given tests. I must admit, I didn't even think that you could come to camp and forget about competing with someone.
And all thanks to the mentors who help you adapt to camp life. The whole process captivated us so much that we actively debated, argued with the other kids, laughed a lot, and joked! IN ENGLISH!
Well-structured tasks left no one indifferent. I sent my mom a text message saying that everything is great. I must mention that I had to persuade my parents to let me go to Sochi on my own.
It was important for them to hear that I was fine.

I am immensely grateful to the mentors for the opportunities, new friends, experience, and impressions they provided me with.
Участница лагеря
Hello everyone, my name is Lisa, and what's your name?"
"Hi, I'm Dzera🤗,
I know it's a complicated name, but you can try..."
"Dzera!!! Such a beautiful name🙃" ...

▪First day The first day of the 2019 FederationCamp session ⛺ My friend Dzera, whom I met at the camp, had arrived earlier and had already made friends with a couple of girls, and they all went to lunch together: "Even then, I felt that this would be the best summer of my life," she says.
"I'm sitting there, and I see a girl approaching our table, I immediately noticed her deep blue eyes."
"I arrived, checked in, and rushed to lunch. Seeing an empty seat, I sat down with three girls, one of them was Dzera, and she was so friendly with me!" I recall. We quickly became friends.
We realized that we had so much in common... our interests, hobbies, and views on life aligned. Here's the first day of classes and the first lesson, taught by Daria Yadernaya. It was a lesson on entrepreneurship. You know, we both always wanted to become business ladies, a childhood dream, so to speak. Over the first few days, we became close, almost like old friends. There were many girls at the camp, but we were focused on each other.
On the third day of classes, we were given an assignment by the fairy Daria Yadernaya: come up with our own startup. In those moments, we realized that we would work together! We almost immediately came up with an idea for a startup, and all that was left was careful planning.
▪The Process We had about two weeks for this. During the first week, we worked a little bit every day. Then we worked day and night because we wanted to achieve perfection. From our perspective, we did it, as we won financing for the further development of our project.
▪Done with Love❤️
DLcosmetics is our project, our logo, our future brand, our dream, our chance!!! The concept is as follows: From teenagers to teenagers. Who, if not us, will understand the needs of our clients? Throughout the project, Lisa and Dzera not only studied all the secrets of business but also the psychology of a teenager. The most important thing is to know what people want from you!
Do you think we stopped when we went our separate ways? NO! We have even more emotions, even more inspiration, and even more desire to become the best. We worked hard enough and continue to work. No one and nothing will stop us in pursuit of our dream, and it shouldn't stop you either!!
Участница лагеря
How I Found My Path to Success
Success consists of 1% talent, 1% luck, and 98% hard work.
1% talent is something everyone possesses.
I have always been ready to work hard, and the 1% luck came in the form of my trip to FederationCamp. I learned about the camp when I participated in the competition from MGIMO and was eager to win the first prize, which was a camp voucher.
Unfortunately, I didn't win a prize in the competition, but despite that, I received bonuses for making it through all three rounds.
With the bonuses I won, I went to the camp and had the opportunity to prove myself there. It all started with the first two days at the camp when everyone proposed very interesting business ideas, but not all of them were feasible. It turned out that someone would suggest a business idea, and someone else would refute it.
Our ideas were like a pile of mixed-up cards. When cards are shuffled, they are sorted into separate decks by distinguishing signs.
One after another. And it felt like we were doing the same thing, i.e., there was a lot of information, and it seemed like we were pulling out ideas like cards, but there was no benefit from it.
We needed to look not at a single card but at the whole deck, i.e., think outside the box. That's when a business idea came to my mind.
I wrote about it to the mentors at the camp, and they organized a business breakfast where we discussed everything, and they helped me develop it.
I'm very glad that they were able to help me, and I'm grateful to these people for their support or simply for being a good inspiring example: I was inspired by these people. But I'm not going to stop, and I want to achieve new goals. For example: pass all the exams and enroll at MGIMO.
So, let's together look for ways to succeed 😊
Участница лагеря
If someone had told me earlier that such a well-organized children's vacation existed, I would have simply raised my finger to my temple and thought, 'It's all a fairy tale, it doesn't exist in real life, and it never will!' In any case, if that were the case, then maybe the main character of an adventure novel, thanks to her knowledge, would win everywhere possible, and then travel the whole world. But it certainly wouldn't be me – to find a person who had less luck in contests, you would need to try really hard!

In reality, such an experience turned out to be real, and I was very lucky that my English teacher suggested that I participate in it. I remember in detail the day when my mom called me and said, 'Congratulations! You're going to FederationCamp!' To say that I was in shock would be an understatement. My mom was delighted to give her daughter a vacation in Rosa Khutor!

So, from that moment on, I counted the days until August – my first-ever shift at the camp started on the sixth. Although FederationCamp is more than just a summer camp or an educational platform. Three wonderful weeks, full of adventures, the sea, yoga, and delicious food, we spent learning the basics of business, studying English, and visiting attractions. But that's not the main thing. In the camp, I met determined, educated, and curious kids, most of whom, including myself, were developing ideas for their business projects that they had either come up with before the trip or during the shift.

When they announced at the closing of the session that my project was one of the top three and would receive further development, I couldn't believe my ears! After all, before attending the camp, I knew nothing about entrepreneurship. At that moment, I realized that, in reality, anything is possible, even what you previously considered to be something out of the realm of fantasy. All you need to do is take the first step and seize every opportunity that comes your way.
Участник лагеря
Federation Camps is a realm of endless creativity, warm climate, motivating conversations, new friendships, and discoveries! In the past year, 2018, I was fortunate enough to experience this wonderful place, thanks to winning the 'Best Self-Presentation' category in the All-Russian Grant Olympiad 'Candidate for MGIMO University.' Receiving a pass to Federation Camp, I couldn't even imagine how many high-quality new and extraordinary experiences would happen in my life! Fascinating English lessons with native speakers, the opportunity to create endlessly and enjoy life, captivating excursions to the beauties of the North Caucasus, and, of course, the sea – the warm sea, just as warm as the welcome of all the kids in this camp! I believe that everyone should immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Federation Camps at least once in their life!!!
Участница лагеря
It's hard to describe the feeling of joy I experienced in that moment! The most interesting part of my life was just beginning! From my small town beyond the Arctic Circle, I found myself in a fairy tale!

I made new friends, learned from brilliant teachers in a light and interesting way - it was an invaluable experience that I will never forget! Every moment spent at the camp left a mark on my soul.

The most important thing that this victory gave me is confidence in my abilities, a push towards new, even higher achievements!

You can achieve everything you want and dream about! Do your best!
Участник лагеря
I learned about the 'Candidate for University' Olympiad two years ago. My teacher, Olesya Alexandrovna Bakhalova, suggested that I participate. The first and second rounds passed very quickly, and then came the Skype interview, which seemed completely unattainable for me at that time... 1st place... and a trip to the camp.

This year, I participated in the Olympiad in two disciplines, thinking that I wouldn't be able to win, as I was very lucky last year. In the end, I made it to the third round! And in two categories!

I already had an idea of how the communication in the third round would go, I tried very hard, perhaps even too hard, but self-awareness comes with each new interview, you realize that you could have done even better. It all passed in the blink of an eye, and as a result - 4th place in English.

I've been to Federation Camp twice, and each time it was truly different. It's about interacting and learning from people who are among the best in their field. I gained new knowledge that I will use for a long time. I made interesting new friends. This camp is a place where you can find common ground with everyone. This year, every minute was valuable when I listened to our business mentors, and even thoughts of the sea and ice cream faded away!
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Practicum "Master of public speaking and successful social communication"
How to Prepare a Clear and Captivating Presentation and Keep the Audience Engaged?
160 000 ₽
from 29.10.2023 to 05.11.2023
For children aged 8 to 18
Training and accommodation takes place on the territory of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo"
  • Accomodation
    2-bed Standard category room - INCULDED
  • Meals
    3 meals a day - INCLUDED
Hotel «Pamir» 4*
Accommodation in a 2-bed Standard category apartment (two beds) with a picturesque view of the forest, natural landscape or neighbouring buildings of the SKOLKOVO Campus.

Room amenities: Air conditioning/split system, TV, Free Wi-Fi, Safe, Ironing facilities, Minibar, Toiletries, Hairdryer, Sofa, Bathroom, Kettle, Telephone, Wardrobe, Table, Chair/Chairs, Mirror, Dishes , Bedside table, Bottled drinking water, Wardrobe

Breakfast in the Forum restaurant
Lunch and dinner in Delimarche
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Autumn Practicum 29.10.2023 - 05.11.2023
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